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Grateful Tea Values Defined and Why They’re Important

Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead developed our partnership because we share similar values and core beliefs.  We both believe in products that are sustainable, eco friendly, and that not only deliver a premium experience but also benefit others that are in need.  

Grateful Teas are unique because they come from Northern Thailand grown and harvested by Hill Tribe Farmers.  Thailand is not in the top 10 tea producing countries in the world, but their teas are being recognized as not only of the best quality, but also because of the natural state and the sustainable methods used to grow and harvest the tea.

It is vitally important to both Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead that not only are the teas of exceptional quality, but that the sales of the teas benefit communities in need.  Grateful Teas benefit the Hill Tribe Farmers of Northern Thailand.  

These teas were brought to the Hill Tribe Farmers because the former King did not want them to continue to grow poppies which were mainly used for the production of heroin. Since the late 1980’s the Hill Tribe Farmers have had an alternative crop to help them live in their traditional lifestyles, and that crop is tea.

Both Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead take pride that by marketing and selling these teas, we are making a significant impact on the Hill Tribe Farmers and their families.  Our partners in Thailand ensure that the Hill Tribe Farmers are paid well above a living wage and that we respect and honor the Hill Tribe traditions.  

In addition to ensuring the Hill Tribes are treated equitably, we also share a common goal with the Grateful Dead to provide packaging that is 100% sustainable.  Our packaging is completely recyclable, and we strive to ensure that we are not causing any harm to the natural environment in the way we create and sell Grateful Teas.

Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead shares these common values, and we hope that you will not only enjoy the teas, but that you will be proud to know that your support of Grateful Teas is benefiting both the Hill Tribe Farmers and their Families, and Mother Earth.

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