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How is Grateful Tea (Love Some Tea) Created?

Before we discuss how Love Some Tea & Grateful Tea is grown and harvested, it is important to understand how the tea came to Thailand.  It was in the late 1980’s, the former beloved King of Thailand wanted to find a way to discourage the Hill Tribes from harvesting opium.  

He decided to bring the Camellia Sinensis Assamica tea seeds to the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand.  These tea seeds were robust enough to be grown on the mountains of Northern Thailand, and they needed no pesticides.  The forest soil in the mountains also allowed the tea plants to be grown without the need for fertilizers.  The Hill Tribe Farmers followed the King’s plan and they started growing and harvesting tea.

Many of the tea plants that we use have been growing in the same spots for over 35 years.  These plants are lovingly tended to by the Hill Tribe Farmers, being allowed to rest from November through March every year.  These plants are allowed to grow naturally, at their own pace, and they live in harmony with all people, fauna, and plants that occupy the same environment.

When the plants are ready, the Hill Tribe Farmers, harvest them one leaf at a time by hand.  This is done to ensure that only the most premium leaves are picked for harvest.  This process takes a good amount of time, but this is why our teas have such rich flavor and texture.  The Hill Tribe Farmers have over 35 years of experience examining the plants and knowing which leaves are best to pick for harvesting.

Whether Black, Oolong or Green Teas (these are different tea plants), the leaves are handpicked, and then are dried in natural ovens the Hill Tribes have created.  

Our Tea Master, who has over 45 years of experience with teas, has created numerous recipes that he uses to create the teas.  Some of these use fruits and flowers which are also dried, other times he uses oils which he creates from the source flavors.  He then combines the flavors in a designed clean room (to ensure the teas are created in a protective environment) and when ready places them in sealed containers for each flavor.  This is a careful process that is done by hand with a few machines that dry and allow the tea flavors to be created.

Once the teas are ready, we have them put into other sealed containers for shipment.  Most of these shipments are done by ship, which can take 6-9 weeks to arrive in the US.  We store them in secure clean facilities and then we package them in individual containers for sale, both for Love Some Tea and Grateful Teas.

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