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How To Steep Loose Leaf Tea

Want to learn how to steep tea properly? Loose leaf tea comes in a variety of types; black, green, oolong, yellow, white, and many others. Each tea has its own benefits and different steeping properties. There are lots of ways to steep tea, but to do it right you need the proper tools to ensure a tasty cup of tea. Whether you are using a tea bag, an infuser, loose leaf or bagged tea, all teas must be steeped. By steeping tea too long, too short, or at the wrong temperature; you may loose many of the subtle flavors and benefits of a fresh cup of brewed tea. Let us show you how to steep a perfect cup of tea with our easy to follow steeping guide! Grab a canister of our Ramblin' Apple green tea and follow along.


Grateful Tea - A Little About Our Loose Leaf Tea

Grateful tea is a line of all natural and sustainable teas from Love Some Tea in partnership with the Grateful Dead and Warner Music Artist Services. It was created out of a love for tea and a love for the music of the Grateful Dead! Grateful Tea is special because all our tea leaves are handpicked by indigenous Hill Tribe farmers in Northern Thailand. 


We live by the code of do no harm to nature, therefore all our loose tea is grown wild and watered only by mother nature. Our black and green teas are of the highest quality, and you’ll enjoy tasting each and every flavor. All our teas are Plantation Free and picked at their peak freshness.


Our dedication to sustainable packaging and farming practices, alongside our support of the indigenous peoples of Hill Tribes have grown straight from the values that flow through the heart of the Grateful Dead community. The Dead have been with us since the very beginning, and now they’re officially along for the ride.


Steeping Tea Guide Step By Step

Its important to steep tea at the proper temperature and the right amount of time in order to get the best flavor. If you are just boiling a cup of water and pouring over every type of tea, you are going to have a bad tea experience. All loose leaf tea should steep based on its variety and flavor. Some tea is best cold steeped, and other benefit from a short hot steeping. For the proper method, you need to know the tea you are starting with. Whether herbal, green, black, or oolong; temperature and time make a huge difference in your experience. 


Step 1: Grab your favorite loose tea
Step 2: Pick your brewing or steeping implement (infuser, teapot, hot kettle, even a pot will work)
Step 3: Heat your water to the proper temperature for the tea you are steeping
Step 4: Measure out roughly 2-3 grams of tea per 8oz of water
Step 5: Steep your loose tea for the correct amount of time for the variety of tea
Step 6: Strain your tea and set the leaves aside
Step 7: Drink it hot or cold with or without sweetener
Step 8: Re-steep your tea up to 3 more times


How Long To Steep Tea

Every tea is unique, they each have their own properties and benefits that change depending on the time they are steeped. By steeping tea at too low a temperature and for too short a time, you won’t experience all the subtle flavors of the loose tea. If steeped too hot or for too long, the tea will begin to bitter and become astringent. Follow along for a step by step on properly steeping each variety of loose leaf tea whether iced or hot. To find your own flavor, begin steeping any tea for around 1 minute and taking a sip every 20-30 seconds until you find your perfect sip!

How long to steep green tea

Green tea is a subtle tea with mellow flavors that are easily destroyed by steeping for too long or too hot. The loose tea is picked fresh and not allowed to oxidize, thus preserving its mild flavor. When you are brewing green tea, its best to go low and slow. Keeping the temperature lower ensures the tea won’t bitter and become astringent. Green tea can be steeped for as short as a few seconds, to about 3 minutes. We recommend steeping our green teas between 150-180 degrees. Our Passionate Prophet is a wonderful grassy flavored green tea with bold notes of fresh jungle passionfruit.

How long to steep black tea

Black tea is a bold and deep flavored tea that is oxidized and allows all the flavors of the loose tea to excel. It is much more tolerant to longer steeping times at hotter temperatures. When brewing black tea, the water can be boiling or near boiling and the loose leaf can be steeped for around 6 minutes max. After 6 minutes, most all black teas will begin getting bitter and ruin the flavor of the tea. We recommend steeping at around 210 degrees for the best flavor. If you love black tea, don’t over steep it. Workingman’s Blend Black tea is a better alternative to coffee for a great morning pick up. 

How long to steep oolong tea

Oolong tea is in the middle of green and black tea, the leaves are partially oxidized and therefor the tea has moderate flavors that many people love. When working with loose leaf oolong tea, the leaves should be steeped in the 3-5 minute range. Some oolongs such as balled style can be steeped upwards of 8 minutes. Oolong tea is a great tasting tea, but will begin to bitter much faster than your average black tea if steeped at too high a temperature. We recommend steeping Grateful Tea oolongs at 185-190 degrees. If you have an infuser, its a great tea for brewing iced or hot to keep in your cabinets tea stash. 


Whether green, black, or oolong loose tea; its important to understand how to steep them properly. With the right temperature and time, anyone can steep a great cup of tea. Now that you know how to brew a good cup of tea, your tea drinking experience will be filled with a new love of great loose leaf.


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