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Love Some Tea presents Grateful Tea

Love Some Tea has partnered with the Grateful Dead, Warner Music Artist Services, and Rhino Entertainment to present Grateful Teas.

Grateful Teas are grown, harvested, and flavored in the mountains of Northern Thailand by Hill Tribe farmers and their families. The teas are 100% natural, with no pesticides or fertilizers used, and do not harm the natural environment. Grateful Teas help support the Hill Tribe farmers and their families. The teas are lovingly tended to by Hill Tribe farmers and their families, and the sale of these teas help support the traditional lifestyles of Hill Tribes families so they can continue living the traditional lifestyles they have for thousands of years.

The Grateful Dead has always been supportive of indigenous peoples across the globe; this partnership with Love Some Tea aligns with that belief and the idea that indigenous peoples need not succumb to the technology age but can instead live according to their customs and beliefs.

The Grateful Dead also believes in being eco-friendly and supporting products that are sustainable and not harmful to the planet. Grateful Teas grow wild, without the need for pesticides, because the plants themselves are naturally resistant to insects. The teas grow freely in their natural habitat, thus mitigating the need for fertilizers. The Hill Tribe farmers let the tea plants rest each year from November through March so that the tea plants can recuperate and be ready for the next season's harvest. The tea plants are well looked after; the goal is to produce high quality teas and to ensure the tea plants are never abused or mistreated. Grateful Teas are the type of natural products the Grateful Dead endorses and that our community appreciates.

Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead believe in supporting products that grow in a sustainable environment. Love Some Tea ensures that all its packaging is 100% recyclable, with post-consumer recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks, and emphasizes the creation of products that help support a sustainable and natural environment. 

Grateful Teas embody the values of the Grateful Dead: to be supportive of indigenous peoples, ensure they are paid a wage that allows them to live their traditional lifestyles, and support products that are both eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Love Some Tea and the Grateful Dead is a partnership that shares common values, and thus we present our line of Grateful Teas, the tea of the Grateful Dead.

All the founders and team members of Love Some Tea and Grateful Tea are Deadheads. We have attended shows for many years, and we are all fans of the band and the community. Our CEO Scott also has been playing the music of the Grateful Dead for many years in numerous bands and configurations. He has had the good fortune of playing with many fantastic musicians in the Bay Area and has had the opportunity to play with Phil Lesh and Merl Saunders, as well.

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