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Raised by the Dead

We at Love Some Tea are honored to be collaborating with the Grateful Dead on our new line of Grateful Teas. The spirit of the Grateful Dead has been a guiding light for our company through every step of our journey.

Our dedication to sustainable packaging and farming practices, alongside our support of the indigenous peoples of Hill Tribes have grown straight from the values that flow through the heart of the Grateful Dead community. The Dead have been with us since the very beginning, and now they’re officially along for the ride.

The Set List

Cosmic Coconut

Robust earthy black tea with bold notes of roasted Thai coconut and hints of chocolate.



Traditional tribal black tea with heavy notes of peppermint, complemented by an immersion of mint.


    Passionate Prophet

    Grassy green tea with heavy aromatic notes of passion fruit and an intense passion flavor.


    Ramblin' Apple

    Fresh green tea with subtle hints of apple and cranberry, creating a light and balanced blend of flavors.


      Tropical Weather

      Unique blend of black and green teas highlighted by deep notes of fruitiness and accented with a floral aroma.


        Workingman's Blend

        Blend of our boldest Thai black tea. Rich notes of chocolate and wood create a balanced earthy experience.


          We Let it Grow

          The difference between us and other tea companies lies in the seeds and how we harvest them. While most tea plantations use Camellia Sinensis seeds, the Hill Tribe Farmers we work with use Camellia Sinensis Assamica seeds.

          Our seeds are planted where they grow best, surrounded by the forests in Northern Thailand with absolutely no deforestation. Our seeds have naturally high tannin levels and are planted in the nutrient rich forest soil, removing the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Throughout the entire process, Grateful Teas grow in harmony with the humans, plants, and animals around them.

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