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Plantation Free Tea

Grateful Teas by Love Some Tea are what we call ‘plantation free’ teas.  This is a phrase that Love Some Tea created to explain the difference between our teas and many other teas that are produced today.  Over 85% of the teas on the market today are produced on tea plantations.  These plantations are more focused on quantity than quality, and thus many of these plantations use fertilizers to speed the growth and increase quantity.  They also use pesticides as many of these teas use Camellia sinensis seeds, which can produce some high quality teas, but generally produce lesser quality tea in larger quantities.  These teas also are frequently picked by machines, but they tend to cause more deforestation, destroy the walking tracks for wild animals who live in the same areas as the teas are grown, and have extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides, which can damage the soil and local groundwater supplies.

Grateful Teas by Love Some Tea use Camellia sinensis assamica seeds, which have significant advantages.  They cause no deforestation, all plants and animals who reside in the tea growing areas can live in harmony with no damage being done to the environment, and because these seeds contain high levels of tannins (bioflavonoids), there is no need for pesticides as these tannins are a natural defense against insects.  Lastly, since these seeds are grown in forest soil there is no need for fertilizers.

Plantation Free means that Grateful Teas are both eco-friendly, and all natural so you can enjoy them knowing that they are healthy for you to drink, and that they do not damage the natural habitats in which they are grown.  Both the Grateful Dead and Love Some Tea take pride that our plantation free teas are natural, sustainable, and do not harm the environment.